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Bryn Stoaklee Bullard - 1/8/20

Bryn BullardBryn Stoaklee Bullard 1/8/20

Jeff here, again. I wanted to take a few and tell you all another part of our story. This was very recent. A part of this story involves me telling you how God worked in our lives. Now, I know that some of my readers don’t appreciate God being forced on them, and Im not trying to do that, but if you will take the time to read this, even if you take the God part out, I think it will be worth the read and I thank you for your indulgence.
January, 2020. My oldest son, Brennan, and his wife, Sarah, are expecting their first child. The Dr says it’s a girl. Its due February 17. Sarah had a baby shower Saturday. By Saturday evening she was hurting in her side. Come Sunday, she hurt so bad that she skipped church service. So, by Monday morning, it was no surprise to her that she still hurt. However, when lunchtime rolled around, she knew that there was a problem and something was not right with her or her pregnancy. She called her doctor and was told that if an antacid did not relieve her symptoms ,to go to the nearest emergency room. Sarah had been taking antacids on her own and knew that she was in for a trip to the hospital. So with her mom in tow, its off to the ER.
After a few hours in the ER, the medical team determined that Sarah had developed pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia is a rare pregnancy complication that is severe and harmful to the mother. Its primary symptoms are the development of extremely high blood pressure, swelling in the hands and feet. And partial liver failure with proteins dumping into the urine. Well, Sarah had all these symptoms and more. In fact, her lover had started to bleed. The local doctors determined that her situation was life threatening to both mother and child and that she needed emergency transport to a larger hospital. With her blood pressure reading near 200/ the medical team did not elect to use air ambulance due to fear of the higher elevation contributing to an even higher blood pressure reading. It wasn’t long before Sarah was being transported by ambulance to Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah Ga. It was amazing to witness three different family members from two different states and three different cities, coming to see Sarah, arrive at the same hospital within 10 minutes of one another.
Once in savannah, the doctors determined that she did not have pre-eclampsia but another, even more rare and life threatening HELLP Syndrome. HELLP Syndrome occurs when the pregnant mother suddenly becomes allergic to the placenta she is carrying. In addition to all of the above symtoms, it was discovered that platelet levels in her blood were practically nonexistent. Without a platelet measurement of at least 100ppml, her blood would not clot to stop bleeding during delivery or surgery. The doctors gave her a steroid shot that was to help promote the development of the baby’s lungs. At this time she is 34 weeks pregnant or 6 weeks early in delivery. Thanks to the steroid shot to grow the baby’s lungs, next blood test showed her platelet levels had increased to 33ppml. At this time there’s nothing that can be done except wait until enough time has lapsed so another steroid shot can be given to mama for the baby’s continued development. Meanwhile, Sarah goes into labor with true labor pains. During the night a second steroid shot is administered and her platelet count rises to 39. A long long way from 100.
The couples parents are all in the hospital room with them and the stress and tension is very high. Nervous energy abounds and siblings go and come throughout the late hours. Everyone is tense, everyone but the parents of the unborn baby, that is. It was an amazing time and an amazing sight. This young mother and father was a cool and collect as if they were at hospital to get a flue shot. The peace of God was all over them. No worry, no stress, just a commitment to one another and prayer over the health of mama and baby.
The next day, Sarah is in full labor and things are not naturally progressing as they normally do. Doctors help with dilation and break the water. Still no further development. Hours pass, labor continues. Mother becomes exhausted and Baby shows signs of distress. Sarah is given morphine and the labor stops. Mama rest, Baby rest, Both take a break. And that is the last pain medicine she may have. No epidural. No more drugs, no nothing for pain. Another blood test shows that Her platelet level has risen to 78. Better but still a long way from 100. Sarah’s water has been broken for hours and soon mamas organs begin to closely surround baby and compete with it for room in mamas tummy. Baby’s umbilical cord begins to become depressed. With few results, Sarah is rotated from side, to back, to side, in an attempt to relieve the baby’s stress level. Soon it becomes apparent that the only alternative is to risk a C-section delivery. Another blood test is performed and Sarah’s platelet count has rose to 85. Still dangerously low. The doctors said that it had to be at least 100 to prevent Sarah from bleeding out during surgery. But My God….An epidural was out of the question because it would cause a hematoma that caused paralysis. An anesthesiologist says, we don’t need to use an epidural, we can use a spinal tap! But My God… My God says I am the creator. I say what’s good enough to prevent bleeding and I say that number is 85! But My God… was there during surgery and Sarah needed no blood and needed no platelets.
My God says this baby and mama are gonna be fine. Baby was delivered weighing 4lb 8oz 17.5 in long. Both are doing well…